1. We are a top-of-the-line DJ Service that offers the most options at the best possible prices. We prepare weeks in advance for each event to ensure we have the right music, timing & order of events, etc. for guaranteed success!! For weddings, we coordinate and taylor your reception just the way YOU want it to be, so that when your big day finally arrives, everything runs smoothly and you will have a worry-free reception.
2. We have the largest digital music selection (over 10,000 artists / over 500,000 songs). We have every kind of music and if there is something we don't have, we guarantee to acquire it! Our entire music library is completely digital, providing all CD-Quality music playback, and this allows us to bring every song to every event! With a Wifi connection, we can even download new music onsite to guarantee every request!!
3. Our service is very personal. The owner (DJ Vortex) DJ's every event & has back-up help if needed. We also provide a pre-performance meeting with our customers and provide energetic MC services that are sure to get your guests dancing!
4. Our 16+ years of experience have allowed us to upgrade our equipment to the fullest extent and DJ the full spectrum of events. We now offer intelligent lighting, laser lighting, and LED flood lighting that can be color-coordinated with your event! to add your text.
5. We offer our customers a hassle-free experience. Weddings go extremely smooth with our Reception Planning Guide and we do all of the coordinating with the photographers/videographers and other venders in attendence.
6. We come dressed for the occation and are prepared to put on a performance. Our staff is completely dressed in our own tuxedoes and formal wear for all weddings and formal events.
7. With our intelligent & laser lighting packages, we not only DJ, but we put on a dramatic lighting performance! For weddings, we can highlight the newlyweds in white with one scanner, then shine a second light in the color of their wedding on them that outlines their shadow in that color, then follow them as they dance across the dancefloor! We have also made programs for our intelligent lights that will impress any crowd!
8. There are two or three DJ's/helpers at almost every event.  If a staff member is ill and cannot DJ an event, we have plenty of back-up help & your event will proceed as planned.
9. We have back-up equipment for our audio and lighting components in-case a unit fails to operate, and we are fully insured.
10. We offer the most options: from Music Request Guarantees to Different Sized Speaker Systems to Lighting Options, all at reasonable rates.
11. We are committed to excellence. This means that we will do everything we have been trained for and skilled in to produce a wonderful, long-lasting memory of your event for you and your guests.
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