Intelligent Lighting:
Intelligent Lighting effects are those that you would expect to find at a concert. They are programmed lighting effects that can change color (at any speed including a rainbow effect & split coloring), change the pattern that is projected (at any speed including a scrolling effect), can strobe in any color/pattern combination at any speed, can move in any direction yeilding coverage of the entire dance floor & can create sweeping effects, and are brighter than other effects lighting available. The brighter and tighter beams of light allow for tunnel effects and laser-like effects with various gobo/image patterns.
The intelligent lighting allows us to be able to highlight people at key moments during events. For example, consider a wedding with blue/pink/white as their wedding colors. During the newlywed's first dance, we could wash the dancefloor with blue, then have a few pink open circles slowly sweeping across the blue floor, then have 2 different colored lights shining on the mirrorball for sweeping multi-colored balls across the floor and ceiling, and while that scene is going on, we can follow the couple in white as they dance across the dancefloor! What a dramatic, rememorable effect!! Then if bubbles are added to the scene, every bubble reflects the colors for an even more  remarkable effect!

The end result of using intelligent lighting is breathtaking lighting effects that make each event memorable and unique. If you want the best lighting available and want to add that special touch to your event, inquire about the many options we have available for you!

To see what these lights can look like, check out some of the pictures we have taken or see the short movie clips below!!
Note: Movies will take appoximately 0.5-2 minutes to download for DSL and RR connections, or 3 - 5 minutes to download on a 56K modem. When first loading the movie may stutter - allow movie to fully load then hit play it will stream normally.
Movie #1
Movie #2
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