Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: What makes your DJ service different than other DJ services?
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A: There are several key features that set us apart from the others:
1. We only DJ one event per day.
*Our clients know that we are focused 100% on their event, in all aspects. We are committed
  to making your event a success without any distractions.
2. We offer our clients the largest, most advanced mobile sound & lighting system available in all
    of Western and Central NY.
*Our clients benefit from crystal clear sound and reliable equipment. We are currently the
  only DJ service to offer intelligent lighting creating amazing and unique lighting effects for
  each event. We also offer wireless mic support (up to 6 mics).
3. 4,000+ artist music listing.
*Our clients are able to easily search through our listing to see what songs we have and the
  one's that we need to acquire for their event.
4. Options.
*Based upon our clients' budget and the atmosphere they want to create at their event, they
  can choose the size of their sound system, the type, number of units, and configuration of
  their lighting, and other special features to complete a customized package based on their
  needs and desires. 
5. Our flexibility & commitment to excellence.
*We work with our clients to adequately plan for and execute their special event in
  accordence with their requests.
Q: Are you insured?
A: Yes. Not only do we have liability insurance in case someone gets hurt, but we also have emergency
equipment insurance, where an entire system can be overnighted to us if our current system is
destroyed or stolen.
Q: Do you have back-up gear in case something fails?
A: Yes. We have back-up equipment for everything, including bulbs for the lighting.
Q: If I hire your service, who will be the DJ?
A: The owner (Tim) DJ's every event, unless something serious happens, in which case one of our
assistant DJ's will DJ the event.
Q: Is lighting necessary for a successful event?
A: Lighting is not required to have a successful event. However, lighting can make your event more
unique, especially for weddings, and makes the dancefloor more inviting for your guests to get out on
the dancefloor and start dancing.
Q: How many people (DJ's) come to each event?
A: This depends on the size and features of your event package. Typically there will be at least two of us
attending: one to run the system and the other to do the footwork and get things ready during the
event. However, if we are using one of our large sound systems or larger intelligent lighting packages,
we will bring a third person.
Q: How far in advance should I book?
A: The answer to this question is simple: The sooner the better! As soon as you find the DJ service you
like, book them. We have some dates get booked as early as 2 years in advance! For us, since we only
DJ one event per day, once a date gets booked it is closed off in our books.
Q: What are you prices?
A: Pricing varies by event type, but in general package pricing starts at $500 for wedding receptions and
$350 for other events.
Q: What music do you have?
A: Put simply, we have everything. From rock to oldies to jazz to alternative to ..... You name it, we
probably have it! Currently we have over 4,000 artists and over 300,000 songs. If we don't have the
music you require, we'll get it!
Q: What do you wear?
A: Depending upon the event, we will dress accordingly. For weddings and other formal events, we wear
tuxedoes and suits, unless otherwise requested.
Q: Do you do the announcing?
A: Yes. We will provide any MC services required for your event.
Q: What is the difference between your sound systems?
A: The difference is in the size and number of speakers used:
Small: Composed of two speakers on stands. Typically used for small events, where
background music is preferred. (Typically for <100 people)
  Medium: Composed of two speakers on stands with 18" subs on the floor. This system is used for
most events, where a mix of background music and dancing is preferred. It provides a
nice balance of crystal clear highs with a good bass-beat. (Typically for <250 people)
Large: Composed of multiple speakers over multiple subs. Typically used for large ballrooms or
outdoor events where huge spaces need to be filled with music, or where the music
needs to travel through a lot of people (>250). With these systems, speakers can also be
hung from trussing (aka "Concert Sound System").
A: I have been DJ'ing since 1994, and specializing in weddings since 2000.
Q: How long have you been in the DJ business?
A: Yes. We ask our clients if prospective clients can or cannot come to their event to see us perform.
Those that are allowing visits are listed at the following link:

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