It's not the command station for NASA, but rather the controls of NYS's largest, most advanced mobile audio & lighting system - The Excellerator.  Running on full digital platforms (completely backed-up) music is taken to the next level in clarity and flexibility, then pushed by over 15,000 watts of power to deliver the ultimate musical experience.
Below is a picture of an indoor wedding with the full system and intelligent lighting (2002). My assistant Scott and I have been included in the picture for size comparison to the equipment.
Below is a picture of the new 2003 system, at a high school Reality Check dance. This is our complete speaker array with the full intelligent lighting system. The speakers include (8) 18" subs and (4) 15" 2-way cabinets made by JBL and Cerwin Vega. They have been arranged this way to accomondate the two intelligent lights that are placed on the smaller single 18" subs on either side of the center table. These two intelligent lights are used to illuminate the mirror ball. The other intelligent fixtures are mounted to the trussing (the 6 darker lights) and can be color-coordinated with any event. Click here to see what these lights can look like with a little fog!
New In 2003:
The picture above was taken during the Perfect Wedding Guide Fall Expo in September 2003. This picture shows our medium sound system with intelligent lighting (our most popular Set-up). The two light fixtures on the subs are our new moving head units that not only move 360 degrees in both the x and y planes, but they are also extremely bright & can produce a great light show even during the day! As you can see, all of the lights have been color-coordinated and they all move in-sync with each other.
The pictures above are of weddings from fall/winter 2004. Both pictures highlight our medium sound system and intelligent lighting packages. Each venue that we DJ at is unique, therefore the arrangement of the speakers and lighting will differ from one event to another, although the features are the same.
(Note that the picture on the right only shows half of the full system)
Pictured to the left is the main command console housing (2) of our 5 wireless mic systems, some of  the effects units, our "Killer" mixer board, and the amp pushing our mounted speakers.  This console is used for all system packages.
Pictured to the right is our main auxillary case housing more wireless mics, several amps, our dual CD player, power distributors and regulators, main concert mixing board, and storage.  This case is used for our Medium and larger audio systems, most weddings, and for concert packages.
Full System Pictures
The North Rose-Wolcott HS Junior Class opted for the Medium Sound System with our Intelligent-4 Lighting system coupled with the Truss, Mirrorball, and Flood Lighting options.
What a show!!!
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Below are two wedding receptions from last year that took advantage of our
most popular reception packages, including our amazing Intelligent-6 Mirrorball Lighting Package coupled with our Medium Sound System. The music sounded amazing and
the light shows were spectacular!!
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